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As part of our aim at Cumbria Karting is to provide a fantastic experience at a relatively low cost, we take safety very seriously.

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Driving Licence

Driving Licence

Who For?
Children of ages 6 - 13
£20 per child
Driving Licence

At Cumbria Karting we aim to provide, at a relatively low cost, a fantastic and memorable experience for everyone. We take safety very seriously and therefore we do a compulsary Junior Driving Licence for anyone aged 6 - 13.

Our Licence session consists of a full safety breifing from a trained marshal followed by a supervised 30 minutes of track time with controlled incidents and tests on flag rules. Upon completion a Junior Driving Licence will be issued in the form of a credit card style licence which will eliminate the need for full briefings in the future.

At Cumbria Karting we want everybody to have fun therefore we do Junior Karting – the youngest we can accommodate for is 6 years of age.

The first karting experience they will have with us will be their Junior Driving Licence. This session although they will be tested it is more of a lesson that our rained marshals will ensure to make fun and suited to the group. Every child will be given a full safety briefing that will cover all aspects of safety and rules from track to flags. Questions will be asked during this briefing in order to make sure that everything is being understood. A marshal will then explain how to properly and safely use the go-kart, they will demonstrate how to safely get in and out. All the Junior karts are equipped with headrests, seat belts and brake lights as well as adjustable steering wheels, pedals and seats to ensure comfortability.

Once they are in their karts the marshal will lead them on to the track for 30 minutes track time in which controlled incidents will take place and they will be tested on their braking in addition to knowledge and understanding of flags and track rules. Marshals will provide advice where needed, show the children the best lines to take on the track and make the experience for the child as fun as possible.

Upon completion of the 30 minutes they can do and extra 10 minute race for just £5 per child, notify reception is wanting to do this. There will then be a debriefing in which if the child demonstrates that they have listened and understood then they will be issued with a credit card style licence with their name on. They can then come and partake in our other Junior karting races.

Booking is essential. Junior races can be done any day of the week except Saturdays

project 2


Not in conjunction with any other offer!

30 Laps
Final Race
70 Laps
Tuesday - Friday 12noon - 10pm
Saturday and Sunday 10am - 10pm
Minimum of 4 racers, Maximum 12 racers.

BRAND NEW RACE... Best offer, longest race, save £50pp!!

This race is not for the faint hearted or the weak!

This race is a huge 30 laps qualifying round to get your fastest lap, then a massive 70... yes 70 laps race to decide the worthy podium winners!

Non-exclusive, we may add other racers.

Note: all safety equipment is provided.

project 2

Grand Prix with FREE BOWLING!

Mention that you want bowling when booking in advance and get 1 hour absolutely free!

Each race duration is an estimate:

10 - 14 Drivers
£40pp: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
15 - 19 Drivers
£40pp: 2 Hours
20 - 24 Drivers
£35pp: 2 Hours 30 Minutes
25 - 30 Drivers
£35pp: 3 Hours
This race is strictly for 10 ­ 60 drivers.

A great race for everyone and every occasion from Corporate days to stag/hen parties or Family get togethers to birthday celebrations.

With our Grand Prix racers will receive a full safety briefing then compete for pole position throughout 5 heart­pounding heats of 8 laps. At the end of each heat you will enter the pit lane and drivers will then switch karts. Your finishing position in each heat will award you various points to decide positions for the final race. Racers with the highest points after their 5 heats will go through to race again in the adrenaline fuelling 14 lap grand final to decide the winner. All lap times will be printed, to 0.001 of a second, to be presented at the end of the race along with trophies for those in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Drivers will get around 30 minutes of track time.

The duration of the event will depend on how many racers there are in addition to time taken for change overs.

Note: all safety equipment is provided.

project 3


30 Minutes
50 minutes
1 - 12 Racers

Our practice sessions are a great option for everyone, from first time racers to those of you just wanting to improve your lap times. A full safety briefing will be conducted by a trained marshal prior to the race which will cover all track and flag rules. You will then take to your kart and follow one of our marshals to the end of the pit lane and prepare to race. Once the green lights are aglow it is time for an adrenaline fuelling, heart in mouth, non­stop karting session until the chequered flag waves. Upon the waving of the chequered flag it is the end of your race you will need to pull into the pit lane. Time sheets will then be printed and a marshal will present you with your fastest lap and a printed sheet illustrating how many laps completed and times for each lap.

All times are printed to 0.001 of a second.
Kart seats and pedals are adjustable for racer comfort.

These sessions are not exclusive.

Note: all safety equipment is provided.

project 4


Challenger 20
£30: 10 Mins + 20mins
Challenger 30
£35: 10 Mins + 30mins
Challenger 40
£40: £10 Mins + 40mins
Minimum: 4 Drivers. Maximum: 12 Drivers

Our most popular race!

Our challenger races offer you a chance to test your speed, skill and determination to win.

Each participant will receive a full safety briefing from one of our trained marshals consisting of information on all rules from track to flags. You will then position yourself in your karts and head out on to the track for a 10 minute qualifying period to compete for the fastest lap. The grid position for the final race will be decided from the lap times gained in the qualifier: fastest­slowest. Then the time comes to demonstrate true skill and determination to win. For when the green lights shine it is just you, the track and your fellow racers in a battle ­non contact of course­ to be the one standing proud in 1st place. When the chequered flag makes an appearance the 'battle' is over, you will leave the field and enter the pit lane. Lap times will be printed including details of any overtaking to be presented in front of the podium with trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Challenger races will be exclusive for 8 people+

Note: all safety equipment is provided.

project 5

Team Endurance with FREE BOWLING!

Mention that you want bowling when booking in advance and get 1 hour absolutely free!

2 Drivers
£70: 1 Hour
3 Drivers
£90: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
4 Drivers
£120: 2 Hours
Awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place.

Event for groups of 10 or more. Mention when booking in advance and get 1 hour of bowling absolutely free.

This is a great option if you are looking for a Corporate team building.

Our Team Endurances are a tag-team style race in which teams of 2,3 or 4 compete to be the team to complete the most laps in the time given. The length of the endurance will decide the sizes of the teams are to be raced in. You could do a 1 hour endurance, a 1 ½ hour endurance or even a 2 hour endurance. The tag team style comes into play as drivers will pull into the pit lane to changeover with another driver from their team at a time decided by the team captain.

All of you will receive a safety briefing prior to racing.

Note: all safety equipment is provided.

project 6

Super Le Mans

Each race duration is an estimate:

10 - 14 Drivers
£45pp: 2 hours
15 - 19 Drivers
£45pp: 2 Hours 45 Minutes
20 - 24 Drivers
£40pp: 3 Hours 30 Minutes
25 - 30 Drivers
£40pp: 4 Hours

Excellent race for team building also with the added competitive edge great for stag/birthday parties.

Race is strictly for 10+ racers. You can claim 1 hour of bowling absolutely free if mentioned when booking in advance.

Each racer will first be given a safety briefing from one of our trained marshals. Following on from the safety briefing all of you will compete for pole position, the points awarded will depend on your finishing position during the 3 heats of 12 laps. You will then get one last chance to gain some extra points in your bid for pole position in a 15 lap semi-final. Commencing on from this will be a massive, skill-testing 18 lap final from which a winner will be decided. All lap times will be printed to be presented at the end of your race along with trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Drivers that do not make it to the final can hope to experience roughly 40 minutes of track time with it being about 50 minutes for finalists.

Race durations can not be given exact but below are some estimates based on how many racers are taking part.

Note: all safety equipment is provided.

project 7

Children's Practice

20 Minutes
30 Minutes

Practice sessions are a fantastic way for Children to build their confidence in a kart and improve their lap times. They will receive a recap briefing ensuring that they still understand everything, aspects that the child is unsure about can be gone over in more depth just let a marshal know. Children will then take to their karts, buckle up and a marshal will lead them down the pit lane where they will race continuously for the duration of their practice until the chequered flag is waved. This flag signals the end of the sessions so the child will enter the pit and will then be presented with their lap times which are printed out to 0.001 of a second.

These sessions are not exclusive and a maximum of 7 children can take part at any one time.

Children's Challenger

Challenger 15
£15pp: 5 minutes + 15 Minutes
Challenger 25
£20pp: 5 minutes + 25 Minutes
Minmum Group of 4 Children

The junior challenger races will consist of a 5 minute qualifying period followed by either a 15 minute race or a 25 minute race. Throughout the qualifying period the children will race the clock and each other in an attempt to be the one with the fastest lap. They will then be gridded up for the final race based on the lap times from the qualifier: fastest-slowest. When the light turn green it begins the test of true winning determination for they will race solid until the chequered flag billows

project 8

Open junior Grand Prix

£20 per child
Last Sunday of every month!

On the last Sunday of every month we run our Open Junior Grand Prix with a 2pm start. This is a great way for kids to meet other kids in to karting and it gets them all involved racing against each other.

For this race each child will race to gain points in 5 heats of 5 laps, the amount of points gained will depend on finishing position – most points awarded for 1st. All children racing will have a chance to race against different kids throughout the 5 heats. Once all the heats have been contested there will be a final race of 5 minutes for which drivers will be decided based on the points that have been scored from the heats. The final will then commence with just 5 minutes standing between the racers and trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

All children partaking must hold a Junior Driving Licence. The race will take around 2-3 hours depending on the number of children racing. Booking is recommended.

project 9


For Who?
Adults (this is not for children)
Awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place.

If you are a competitor with a like for twists, turns and heart racing fun then this is the race for you.

Everyone will receive a full safety briefing from a trained marshal.

Each of you racing will get a 20 minute qualifying period in which you want to be the one with the fastest lap as you will then be gridded up in respect of these times. Or to even things out you could do reverse grid where the one with the fastest lap is at the back. Once ready you will then set off on the green lights for an exciting knock out race, you will all race for 10 minutes and then the driver at the back will be knocked out. Following on from the first elimination the driver at the back will be eliminated every 5 minutes until just 2 of you remain to battle it out for 1st place.

Our eliminator race is for groups of 4 or more and is priced at £35pp.

The time spent on track can vary depending on where you finish. Every racer will get 30 minutes on track with the final 2 – based on a group of 10 – getting around 70 minutes.

  • Driving Licence

    Driving Licence

    Controlled Tests

  • Enduro


    Not Exclusive

  • Grand Prix

    Grand Prix


  • Practice


    Not Exclusive

  • Challenger


    Not Exclusive

  • Team Endurance

    Team Endurance


  • Super Le Mans

    Super Le Mans


  • Children's Races

    Children's Races

    Not Exclusive

  • Open Junior Grand Prix

    Open Junior Grand Prix


  • Eliminator



Top Racers of the Month - October

Congratulations to the following 3 racers for placing as top racers of the month.

team 1


1st Place

Joe is currently placing 1st with a time of

31.111 Seconds

team 1


2nd Place

Ben is currently placing 2nd with a time of

31.393 Seconds

team 1


3rd Place

Gordon is currently placing 3rd with a time of

31.488 Seconds

Racing Statistics

We record all our fastest lap time and you can recieve a copy of this from your race day. Come back to try and beat our fastest ever lap times.

Fastest Lap Times - October

  • Joe: 31.111 seconds

  • Ben: 31.393 seconds

  • Gordon: 31.488 seconds

  • Sammy P: 31.533 seconds

  • Paul H: 31.584 seconds

  • Iceman: 31.817 seconds

  • Andrew: 31.893 seconds

  • Phil: 31.948 seconds

  • Daniel: 31.972 seconds

  • Robert: 31.999 seconds

Booking is essential. A non-refundable deposit of £10 per person will be taken at the time of booking.

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"Just been to this place, absolutely amazing, my son loved it and the people were amazing. So pleased we went. Amazing value for money. 5 Star"

client 1 Simon Baker 5 Stars

"Fantastic track and team. Have been twice now and pleased to say I even beat my husband and dad at racing :D safety is obviously priority but whilst making it fun. Highly recommended and I will be reutning many times! The £19.99 bowl and race is a great offer, 30 mins racing and a game of bowling!"

client 2 Jessica Amber Viljakainen 5 Stars

"Great karts and track design. All the staff are friendly and helpful and prices are reasonable with great offers."

client 3 Kodie Collings 5 Stars

"Come and race at Cumbria Karting. It's fun for all the family so come for a quick race or maybe even some healthy competition!"


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Children's Licence Party
Dads and Mums, Daughters and Sons
Race and Bowl

* A minimum of 3 children for Children's Race Party and Junior Karting Licence.

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