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As part of our aim at Cumbria Karting is to provide a fantastic experience at a relatively low cost, we take safety very seriously. With this in mind, we do a compulsory driving licence for all children aged 6 - 13.

This includes an in-depth safety briefing with a trained marshal and 30 minutes on the track supervised with controlled incidents and being tested on flag rules. On completion, a credit card style driving licence is issued to eliminate future briefings.

Driving Licence

30 minutes on the track supervised with controlled incidents and being tested on flag rules.
Children aged 6 - 13
£20 per child

Practice Sessions

All lap times are printed and presented at the end of your practice.
20min Practice
30min Practice
£15 pp
£20 pp

Challenger Races

A qualifying period to decide the grid positions before an exciting final race.
5min Qualifying 15min Race
5min Qualifying 25min Race
£15 pp
£20 pp

Open Junior Grand Prix

5 heats of 5 minutes plus an exciting 5 minute Final.
Includes trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd
£20 pp